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7 Unique Traits in Rummy Playing Women

Rummy is a unique card game that most people in India enjoy playing. The magic of rummy is clear as people play rummy in most weddings and family gatherings. While we often hear men speak of their rummy adventures, the different rummy games are no less popular among women. It is a common binding factor among women of the working classes as well as housewives. So, how exactly are all rummy playing women similar or what are the common traits that help you identify women rummy players? Here are some simple signs to help you identify this unique class of women:

They Are Silent Observers

Women or the fairer sex are known to be more talkative. There are many tales that reveal how women can never hold a secret or how they are the chirpy lot. While this could be partly true, there sure are women who conceal their opinions and observations when they are engrossed in a round of rummy. Women are wise as experienced rummy players and know that revealing the cards in your hand through your body language could mean your failure in the game. That is the reason why women observe silently during their rummy sessions. They never give a hint about the cards in their hand and make sure they win the game.

They Are Risk Takers

It does not matter whether the woman opts to play rummy online or offline, women are great risk takers. They are good at evaluating the pros and cons of playing a game before deciding whether to go ahead with the stake. They are better at understanding the best and the worst situations and taking the requisite steps.

They Know When to Quit

Unlike men who hesitate to quit even when they know the chances of winning are bleak, women don’t hold on to a wrong hand. They know and accept if the chances of winning are less. They would prefer to pass even half way through the game rather than lose the game by holding on to a wrong hand.

They Know the True Merits of a Joker Card

Rummy is a game where joker comes as a lifeline. There are three main types of jokers in rummy. The first is the joker cards that exist in each deck. The next is the blank cards that are used just like jokers. The third is the randomly pulled out card that acts as a pulled-out joker.

They Can Hide What They Feel

The common misconception about women that they cannot hide their true feelings is proved wrong in case of ace rummy playing women. These are women who have understood the importance of concealing their true emotions. They will make sure they do not reveal their true emotions whether they get the best or the worst cards. This is important for all those women who aspire to win each of their rummy sessions.

They Possess Intuitive Skills

We have always heard that the fairer sex has greater intuitive power. This is true and this has nothing to do with their sex. Intuitive skills are a result of thinking in a focussed manner. Constant rummy playing helps women be more organised and concentrate better. This enhances their intuitive skills further and helps them become excellent rummy players.

They Are Active in All Rummy Groups

We know and have heard that women are much more social than men. This is the reason why a rummy playing women is also active in all rummy groups. She is more active than men and knows where she can find the right opportunity to exhibit her rummy playing skills.

A rummy loving woman will also enjoy exhibiting her undue love for the game by selecting an ideal club-like décor for the play area in her house. She will also eagerly launch rummy tournaments and events at her abode. Invite her to Khelplay Rummy and other rummy gaming apps that allow her to show off her rummy skills. Enhance your friendship with rummy playing women this way.