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Ex-Ambulance Makes Perfect RV For These Tiny House Pros

The practicality of an ambulance makes it a perfect choice for these design junkies.

When looking for the perfect trailer for their tiny house projects, the people behind Living Big In A Tiny House, never thought that an ex-ambulance would be a perfect fit. But it definitely is, and there’s a handful of reasons for that.

If it isn’t obvious, tiny houses are not aerodynamic, bulky, and most of the times heavy. The perfect RV to move these architectural works of art should be equally hulking, and an ambulance couldn’t be any more perfect.

“Our ambulance camper (or campulance) makes for an incredible home on the road! We never set out to purchase an ambulance but when we found this one, it was love at first sight. Ambulances are well maintained, have plenty of space in the back and often come kitted out with all kinds of cabinetry and storage so they can be some of the very best vehicles to convert into campers after their service,” said Bryce in Living Big In A Tiny House.

And we couldn’t agree more. True enough, ambulances are made to be comfortable for patients while the vehicle moves swiftly on the road. It also has a lot of storage spaces for medical equipment, which could be re-purposed into cloth cabinets and cupboards, perfect for a rolling camper.