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Homeowner comes home to find deer in bedroom

A deer on the couch of a home

A homeowner in Port Dover came home to find an unlikely intruder in their house.

Initially, the homeowner saw a damaged window and though that it was a break and enter.

Norfolk County OPP say that the intruder was a deer that had jumped through a window of the house.

It had then barricaded itself in a bedroom.

The Hobbitstee Wildlife Reserve came and helped the deer find its way out.

There was no estimate on the damage caused.

In a video posted to Twitter, the deer appeared uninjured leaving the home.

Watch the deer walk out of the house below

Embedded video


OHH DEER- homeowner comes home only to find that a deer jumped through a window. #NorfolkOPP assisted an animal removal service in removing the #deer from the home. @ONresources ^es


3:01 AM – Jan 29, 2019