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Not every new ‘better sleep’ option smooths the way to a restful night


Sleep is a topic that is far-reaching with an unbelievable number of “better sleep” options including creams, air filters, medicines, special lighting, noise makers and, of course, the many styles, features and distinctive designs of our mattresses and accessories.

Watching television one night, my wife and I agreed that we deserved “the best night’s sleep in the whole wide world.” We had no idea what the price of such a sleep was until she reached out in response to the television ad and bought a set of two pillows. I know pillows can go from $20 to $200 or more, so these were affordable with one concern. Since these are advertised so much, how much money can be left to make a decent pillow?

When I got home from the office one night, my wife gave me my pillow that she had put into a fresh, clean pillow case. What could be better? Clean just-washed sheets, a mattress we both love and new pillows. Sounds like great luxury and serenity, doesn’t it? Oops, and with my loving wife of almost 49 years, too.

A few hours later, I am transferring onto the mattress, careful to juggle my remote controls for the TV, the adjustable bed, the lights and the electric blinds. My head reclined onto the pillow and sank in. It (the pillow, not my head) was too soft.

But you have to fluff and manipulate every pillow, don’t you? For the next half hour or so, I kept trying to push it into some level of firmness, even squeezing it together lengthwise. I found my old pillow of many years and had a great night’s sleep. My wife tried the new pillow for about a week, and she, too, returned to her old comfy one.

Was this a fair and unbiased test? No. Comparing something new with an item you have gotten used to for decades is not easy. And it was not a waste. The new pillows went into the guest room.

On the other hand, we did try something new that really works: This triangular long wedge that fits between the two mattresses on our adjustable bed. That was genius. And it helps me keep all my remote controls from falling between the beds.