Take a peek inside Davina McCall’s colourful bedroom

avina McCall has given fans a rare look inside her gorgeous home – and her colourful bedroom! The Million Pound Drop presenter showcased her weekend beauty routine as she touched up her roots on Sunday, posing for a selfie which she shared on Instagram with the caption: “Just a normal Sunday night… I do this every three weeks. Really cannot spend hours at the hairdressers… so easy and quick to do at home… no one ever believes us!”

Not only did the post give an insight into Davina’s down-to-earth beauty routine, but also her house, showing a glimpse inside a bedroom with bright purple carpets and a lilac patterned wallpaper. Several built-in wardrobes line the walls, while another rail with chest of drawers can be seen next to the door behind her.


Davina McCall shared a glimpse inside her bedroom/ dressing room

Davina lives in East Sussex with her children Holly, Tilly and Chester. The 51-year-old put her luxurious home on the market following her divorce from husband Matthew Robertson, listing the six-bedroom property for £6.25million – double what she and Matthew paid for it in 2009.

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The gorgeous house boasts its own swimming pool, tennis court and private access to the local train station, and is set in 38 acres of private parkland. There are also four outbuildings – The Barn, The Cottage, The Coach House and The Lodge – which provide an additional eight bedrooms.


The room is colourful with lots of fitted wardrobes

Matthew and Davina were married for 17 years and are parents to three children. The couple shocked fans with the news of their split back in November 2017, with Davina’s rep confirming in a statement to HELLO!: “I am very sad to say that Matthew and I have separated. Our amazing children are our number one priority, above everything else so therefore we ask for as much space and respect from the media as possible while our family goes through this difficult time.”


Drake is building a 941 square feet master bedroom in his new mansion

Drake is building a 941 square feet master bedroom in his new mansion

Drake wants his bedroom to feature a hot tub, a kitchenette and two adjacent dressing rooms.

The 32-year-old star has started work on his new 35,000 square feet pad in Toronto and he has elaborate plans for the 941 square foot master suite, which is situated on the second floor of the $4 million property.

According to plans obtained by TMZ, the main bedroom will boast a staircase entrance, two dressing rooms and two wardrobes – which make up one large wardrobe area – a steam shower and tub with a skylight above, a kitchenette and two balcony areas complete with an outdoor hot tub.

The ‘God’s Plan’ rapper also has two acres of land, four guest bedrooms, two saunas, a massage room, a ten-car garage, an elevator, a gym, a screening room and a full basketball court.

Aside from building his dream home, the ‘In My Feelings’ singer has been hard at work on his new album which he promised fans will drop in 2019.

Although he only dropped ‘Scorpion’ in June, Drake previously teased fans that he plans to head straight back into the studio after he has a “little break”, following his joint ‘Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour’ with the trap trio, which wrapped up on November 18 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The producer told the crowd at his show at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Canada, earlier this month: “Okay, six shows left. I guess, you know, I guess – I’m gonna tell you what I’m going to do. Because I keep having nights like this that remind me why I love my job so much.

” I promise you that as soon as this tour is over and maybe I take a little break, I’m gonna get right to work on a new album so we can be back right here in Edmonton and have a new party.”


Car crashes into bedroom where woman was sleeping

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HANOVER, Pa (WHTM) – A car crashed into a York home Monday morning, leaving the seven people who live there temporarily homeless.

The crash happened at around 2:45 Monday morning along the 100 block of Pleasant Street in Hanover.

The car rammed through the front wall of the home and into a bedroom where a woman was sleeping.

No one was injured.

Witnesses said the driver tried to flee the scene, but a neighbor held him until police arrived.

It is not clear what, if any, charges the driver faces.

The Red Cross is helping the five adults and two children who lived in the home.


In Louisiana ‘drop bombs in bathroom’ means poop

TMZ reports a New Orleans man was arrested at a Willie’s Chicken Shack after allegedly claiming he was going to “blow the bathroom up.”

Problem is … the guy claims he was talking about butt bombs — not actual explosives.

The man in the mug shot is 30-year-old Arthur Posey — who hit up the Canal Street restaurant at night on Nov. 13. 

Employees told police Posey made a violent threat against the place — allegedly saying, “Y’all about to close right now because I’m going to get a bomb and blow this place up.”

When cops tracked down Posey, he claimed it was a giant misunderstanding — explaining he told staffers he was going to “blow the bathroom up” … meaning, he was gonna poop his brains out. 

Cops didn’t buy what Posey was selling and arrested him. He’s now facing 2 counts of communicating false information of planned arson.

He’s due back in court later this month — where he’ll try to convince a judge the allegations are just a bunch of crap.  

No Diva jeans required for this dude, as endorsed by new U.S. attorney-general Matt Whitaker


.From neglecting storage to choosing too many finishes: The five mistakes that instantly cheapen your bathroom

A beautiful bathroom adds a feeling of luxury to the home but there are a variety of mistakes people often make when decorating them.

These easy-to-make errors can turn the room into a space that gathers clutter easily and becomes an extension of the medicine cabinet.

Australian website My Domaine has gathered the best tips from a variety of interior designers as to how people can best organise their bathroom.

They have also explained some of the main mistakes people make, which include using too many finishes and neglecting storage.

A beautiful bathroom adds a feeling of luxury to the home but there are a variety of mistakes people often make when decorating

A beautiful bathroom adds a feeling of luxury to the home but there are a variety of mistakes people often make when decorating


Interior designer Tali Roth said there is nothing worse than a poorly lit bathroom.

‘People often forget that they need multiple light sources and end up with a single dull sconce—which basically ensures you’ll leave the house with scary clown makeup. Try to incorporate both decorative and task lighting,’ she said.

Davies-Gaetano agreed with her as she said the importance of lighting is often overlooked when people are designing their bathroom.

She explained that it’s important that a bathroom has a good source of natural light as well as lighting that is strategically placed both overhead and surrounding the vanity light.

For those bathrooms that have bad lighting she suggested people add a table or floor lamp.


Dear Family, You Need To Get Your Act Together In The Bathroom


I walked into the bathroom the other day, not because I had to go, but because there appeared to be white slime dripping down the window, and it startled me away from my vacuuming.

As I got closer, I noticed the slime was actually toothpaste. And that toothpaste was sprayed all over the bathroom — on the mirror, the window, the windowsill, the toilet.

How the hell did toothpaste end up on the toilet? Was someone multitasking? Forget it. I don’t even want to know what happens behind these doors when I’m not looking.

I turned to grab some toilet paper to wipe up the mess until my kids got home from school and I could tell them to do a proper scrubbing. But because I already knew there was toothpaste making its way down the window, there was no way I was going to be able to function properly for the rest of the day.

But guess what? The only toilet paper in sight was a dinky little square someone left draped over a bald toilet paper roll, probably because it’s too much work to get a fresh roll and change it.

I walked out of there, refusing to get the toilet paper out to clean up the toothpaste spit because then that’s one less thing they would have to do.

When they got home I was full of piss and vinegar, partly because of their laziness and also because there was actual piss on the toilet seat and pooled on the edge on the toilet and god knows where else.

My daughter’s razor was sitting on the bottom of the tub caked with hair, and who knows how long those stiff towels have been laying on the floor.

I’ve tried to explain in the nicest way possible (read: only moderate swearing involved) that the bathroom is a place we go to wash our hands, take a shower, moisturize, and really, to get clean. And as they could see, their sorry-ass excuse pit of a bathroom wasn’t fit to get anything clean.

“How can you feel good about going in there to shower or wash your face or even take a dump? How can you relax in that hell hole?”

Their blank stares told me they literally didn’t understand the question, and I was wasting my breath. My oldest walked in, looked around and said, “Mom, it’s not that bad. Did you have a bad day?”

“Yes, I had a bad day because I had to look at this disgusting-ness and I can’t fathom why any of you think this is acceptable!”

From the empty bottle of conditioner rolling around on the floor of the tub, to the fingernail clippings hanging out on the windowsill, to the soap scum mixed with toothpaste that had crusted over the faucet and drain, I needed a wash down after just looking in there.

I don’t expect the bathroom to sparkle. I realize skid marks are going to happen and every once in a while we may forget to pick up our towel. But the fuckery that was blossoming in the bathroom that day needed to be fixed.

And so I made my three kiddos get down and dirty. There was grout-scrubbing and shower curtain-washing and Q-tips were used to get into hard to reach places.

There is zero excuse to have a bathroom that looks like it housed ten drunk college students for a month.

Adults of the world feel the need to bash our head against the toothpaste stained mirror every time we have to explain to our kids that things like changing the toilet paper roll when it’s out, or why throwing away the clump of hair will actually make life more pleasant but apparently, it’s part of the job.

My family needs a huge lesson on pulling it together in the bathroom. And lord help me, if I find that much pee on the bathroom floor again, I’m going to make them do their business outside for a month. At least that way they won’t have to exert themselves to change the damn toilet paper roll.

However, to avoid that mess I’ve compiled a list for my family so we are really fucking clear.

Bathroom Rules:

1. If anything comes out of, or off of, your body (this includes but is not limited to pee, poo, vomit, snot, spit, fingernails, hair, boogers, and toothpaste), it’s your responsibility to clean it up. All the way.

2. Empty bottles and containers do not get dropped on the floor or put on the windowsill, they get put in that round thing next to the toilet commonly known as a trash can.

3. When said trash can is full, empty it. Don’t sprinkle more trash around it.

4. Do the person using the toilet after you a solid, and change the roll if needed. Keep in mind we all need more than just one square to get the job done.

5. Towels and bathmats get hung up on designated hooks. Think about it: do you really want to rub something that’s been collecting floor-dirt on your naked body?

6. If you simply can’t keep this straight and maintain a semi-clean bathroom, I simply can’t give you the WiFi password


Bellingham teacher charged with recording student in bathroom

BELLINGHAM, Mass. (WPRI/AP) — A Bellingham middle School Teacher is accused of secretly taking photos of a young boy in a bathroom.

Scott McDonald, 38, was arraigned in court Monday on two felony charges for possessing illicit images of a minor.

Mcdonald was placed on paid administrative leave on Nov. 9 after a student reported his suspicions to the school.

Police said a 14-year-old boy told a school resource officer earlier this month that when McDonald told him he could use the faculty bathroom, the boy found a box with a hole and a cellphone recording inside.

Bellingham Superintendent of Schools Peter Marano said McDonald was immediately removed from the classroom once the allegations were made.

“As an educator and a parent I am absolutely appalled anytime a teacher violates the awesome trust and responsibility given to teachers by the parents of the children placed in our care on a daily basis,”  Marano said in a statement. “We will not tolerate any behavior by any member of the staff or faculty of our school district that violates that trust.”

McDonald was released following his arraignment on the condition he wears a gps monitor bracelet. He is also not allowed contact with anyone younger than 18 years old or have access to devices with a camera or internet.


Teacher charged with recording student in bathroom put on GPS monitoring

A Bellingham middle school teacher charged with secretly recording a student in a bathroom appeared in court Monday.

Scott McDonald, 38, a teacher and baseball coach at Bellingham Memorial Middle School was arraigned on felony charges for possessing illicit images of a minor. He was placed on paid administrative leave on Nov. 9 after the student reported the incident

Police say a 14-year-old boy told a school resource officer earlier this month that when McDonald told him he could use the faculty bathroom, the boy found a box with a hole and a cellphone recording inside.

Bellingham Superintendent of Schools Peter Marano said McDonald was immediately removed from the classroom once the allegation was made.

“As an educator and a parent I am absolutely appalled anytime a teacher violates the awesome trust and responsibility given to teachers by the parents of the children placed in our care on a daily basis,” Marano said in a statement. “We will not tolerate any behavior by any member of the staff or faculty of our school district that violates that trust.

PREVIOUS: Bellingham teacher facing charges after allegedly recording student in bathroom

McDonald was released on $1,000 bail and will be staying with family while the case is pending. He has been ordered to be on GPS monitoring.

A meeting for parents and students is set for Monday night.


Men spend seven hours a year in the bathroom

Man in bathroom
Man in bathroom/Pixabay

Researchers polled 1,000 men and found that men spend many hours in the bathroom on their phones, avoiding children and their partners, and trying not to be disturbed.

We all need a bit of time to ourselves, to switch off completely, and what better place to do so than in a bathroom where you know no one will open the door to disturb you.

Martin Bester admits he enjoys going to the bathroom but does not spend more time in the bathroom than is necessary.

Women agree and admit they also spend all those hours in the bathroom hiding from the family for some peace and quiet.


Private Dining Guide

Bali Hai | Partner content

Being with family doesn’t always have to mean being at home. Not every kitchen can handle the whole clan, and sometimes the occasion calls for going out. These private rooms and dining services are ready to treat you like family and provide food every bit as good as your own holiday fare—without the stacks of dishes at the end.

Bali Hai Restaurant has been a favorite event venue in San Diego for over sixty years. The spectacular view of San Diego Bay and the downtown skyline make it the perfect location for all private event types. The versatile spaces provide accommodations for festivities of almost any type or size.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, class reunion, birthday, anniversary, rehearsal dinner, celebration of life, fundraiser, business meeting, or corporate event, the Bali Hai provides an incredible canvas for moments that will last a lifetime. Offering extensive food and drink packages, from a luau buffet menu, plated meal service, or a private brunch buffet, we have options available for all types of events with friendly, efficient, and experienced staff on-site to assist in making your private dining experience one to remember.

Amenities: Three private spaces to accommodate parties from 30 to 300 guests
Variety of menus available to accommodate different event types
Event assistance from our friendly, efficient, and experienced events team
Free parking in front of the restaurant for event guests
Access to our private dock for boat arrivals and departures

Donovan’s sets the standard of fine dining excellence. Whether you’re downtown at our Gaslamp location, or in La Jolla to see our wonderful view overlooking the shores, Donovan’s has what you need. You can rent out one of our many private dining rooms at our Gaslamp location, or our main dining room in La Jolla. Spend the evening outdoors overlooking La Jolla Shores while you celebrate. Donovan’s is the place for your holiday party and a way to celebrate the past year.

Amenities: Private wine cellar in La Jolla for up to 22 guests
Gaslamp: Two fully private rooms with 40- and 26-person capacities, also a semiprivate space that seats up to 20
Personal attention to every detail with our private events coordinator
Full buy-outs at either location Private lunch events