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Salt Lake civic body on door-to-door mission

Krishna Chakraborty after being sworn in as the new mayor of Salt Lake.

Krishna Chakraborty after being sworn in as the new mayor of Salt Lake.Picture by Bishwarup Dutta

The Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation mayor and mayoral council members will visit each of the 41 wards in the civic area to know about residents’ problems.

“All the mayoral council members and I will visit the wards and meet residents,” mayor Krishna Chakraborty said. “We will ask them what more needs to be done in their areas and take action accordingly.”

The visits will start in the next few days. The decision to visit every ward was taken to increase interaction between residents and the councillors, a Trinamul councillor said.

“The civic elections are scheduled for next year… the move will ensure that residents know that councillors, led by the new mayor, want to listen to their problems and are serious about their work,” the councillor said.

Chakraborty took oath as mayor on August 10. She was the chairperson of the board of councillors when Sabyasachi Dutta was mayor.

Dutta resigned from the post on July 18.

Mayor Chakraborty, who lives in CJ Block, said her primary focus would be on developing the entire area under the corporation’s jurisdiction. “I have administered Salt Lake in the past when I was the chairperson of the municipality. The corporation now provides civic services to a much larger area, which includes parts of Rajarhat, Lake Town and Baguiati. My primary focus will be on development in these areas.”

After Dutta’s departure, the civic body had been in a state of turmoil with daily activities like road repairs and trimming of trees taking a back seat.

According to a mayoral council member, civic officials will maintain a logbook and all meetings will be recorded.

The suggestions and/or complaints of residents will be recorded in the logbook and a councillor will be directed to take the required steps, the member said.

“This will show people that we want to work towards developing the areas and providing civic services to the best of our capacity.”

Damaged roads in various parts of Salt Lake, Rajarhat, and Baguiati; footpaths reclaimed by hawkers; and erratic water supply are some of the challenges before the civic body.

On Monday, mayor Chakraborty and her deputy, Tapas Chatterjee, listed some areas they would focus on.


Various roads in the township are damaged because of waterlogging, the deputy mayor said. He blamed plastic bags and packets for choking the township’s drainage system, which results in waterlogging.

Metro had reported on August 26 the sorry state of roads in Salt Lake.

“We found plastic bags choking the drainage network, because of which water remains accumulated on roads for long durations,” deputy mayor Chatterjee said.

A detailed project report of roads in the corporation area has been prepared and they will be repaired before the Puja.

Waste segregation

All houses in the corporation will be given two bins to dump dry and wet waste, Devashis Jana, a councillor, said.

The civic body will send 1,000 bins to each of the 41 wards in the first phase. Each house will get a blue and a green bin.

Biodegradable waste such as fruit and vegetable peels, and paper will go in the green bin. Non-biodegradable waste such as plastic and styrofoam will go in the blue bin.

Any hazardous waste such as medicines and sanitary napkins are to be packed separately in black bins or pouches of more than 50 micron thickness and handed over to garbage collectors.

“We plan to start a composting plant soon for biodegradable waste generated from households,” Jana said.

The civic body now dumps its waste in Mollar Bheri, close to the East Calcutta Wetlands.