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Couple refused bigger windows so husband can fit in bedroom

Coastal: A number of properties in Victoria Road are listed. Google 2019 A North Berwick couple who appealed a ban on putting bigger windows in their cottage so the husband could fit in the bedroom have lost their case. The couple,…

Bigger Than Tiny, Smaller Than Average

This 352 sq. ft. house in Ybor, FL. was built using structural insulated panels (SIPs). The siding is local Florida cypress, the roof is natural Galvalume and, the fencing is pressure treated lumber in a historic format. There are crushed seashells for…

As Nashville grows bigger ‘New Frontier Tiny Homes’ is thinking small, building a tiny house hotel

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — As Nashville continues to grow larger, some developers are thinking – smaller. David Latimer is the CEO & Founder of New Frontier Tiny Homes. He’s developing a tiny house hotel on Riverside Drive in East Nashville….