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Japan’s Coolest Cafe Bathroom Is Surrounded by a Massive Aquarium

No dining out experience is complete without a trip to the bathroom these days. It’s become the place where a restaurant makes or breaks their vibe. Not only can it round out a diner’s experience, it can get the restaurant…

Shower your bathroom with these chic features by Queo’s Hall of Fame designers

ANTONIO BULLO Born in Chioggia, Venice, renowned industrial designer Antonio Bullo has to his credit four gold medals at the Premio Faenza, the International Competition of Contemporary Ceramic Art in Faenza, Italy, and two Design Plus awards at ISH Frankfurt….

Tiny homes-maker under investigation by Canada Border Services, police: sources

Following allegations that an Ontario-based tiny homes seller scammed dozens of customers in Canada and the U.S. out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, CTV News has learned the company and its owners are now the subject of investigations by…