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What’s It Like to Live in Northern California’s First Tiny-Home Community?

Minimalism — the conscious downsizing of one’s life by reducing material possessions—is a hot-button topic as of late. These minimalists present a newfound way of looking at wealth—a viewpoint defined not by the sheer amount things you obtain in your 80-ish years…

14 Things People Who Live In Tiny Homes Need

According to Restoring Simple, the average tiny house is 100 to 400 square feet. Can you even begin to understand how… tiny that is? You can’t scratch yourself without hitting a wall, so you best believe you have to make good use of…

Are people who live in tiny houses more likely to be TreeHuggers?

A new study finds that they do have greener lifestyles and smaller footprints. A fascinating new study finds that when people downsize to tiny homes, they adopt more environmentally friendly lifestyles. PHD candidate Maria Saxton writes that “It may seem intuitively obvious…